At the core of nimbl is something that a large portion of us just don’t like…maths. But, why don’t we like maths?

Like language its used every single day regardless of whether it’s in school, work, weekly shopping or saving.

However, even with the clear everyday use in society we still don’t like it but why?

Is it down to parents and teachers?

This short video looks at the opinions on maths from teachers, parents, and kids.

Notice a theme? The way we’re taught maths in school and at home can change the way we think about it.

If you hate maths you could change this simply by changing the way you think about it.

Okay, probably not as simple as we’re making it sound but…maybe it is.

Is it down to the language we use?

This amazing TED talk from 2014 looks at maths in a different way, language rather than just numbers. Using different language in how maths is taught drastically changes the way children think about it.

So, you’re probably wondering how this all relates to your pocket money. Well, what if you could use the reality of getting pocket money to improve your relationship with maths?

We think it’s completely doable and something you could try this summer.

What do you think? Up for the challenge?

You could even try taking on the weekly shop as you change maths from something you hate to something you love.

Let us know how you get on!

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