We’ve previously given nimbl users the challenge to buy bread, fillings, drinks and a treat for four people with only £10. This is a fun activity for both parents and children, giving the children a taste of what it’s like to budget and save. Now we’d like to push this challenge that much further with a weekly shop!

Not sure if you can do it? Not to worry, you could take small steps leading up to it such as going to the shops for ingredients for a recipe like the ones suggested in our tweet with fun recipes rather than a full on weekly shop. Then once you’re ready to take the plunge you can take on a full weekly shopping list.

If numbers aren’t your thing, don’t worry you’re not alone and you can still improve. To help with our shopping challenge you could take the National Numeracy Challenge which is meant for adults to check where their level of numeracy is (yes adults struggle too), but you could use it to not only see how you compare to an adult or even your parents and improve how you use numbers in your day to day, shopping, and school.

The National Numeracy challenge which is mobile friendly starts with a half hour quiz which tells you your numeracy level. This is based on everyday examples of maths, just like our challenge. So rather than equations you’re used to in school, it will be things like comparing the prices in a shop! Even if you hate maths this challenge is designed to help you get to a stage where numbers make sense.

You will need to create an account with National Numeracy so they can give you tailored support to get your maths where you want it to be while making it a fun (not scary) thing.

Up to one or both challenges? Give them a go and let us know how you do! Challenge your parents, challenge your friends, make numbers part of your fun this summer!

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