nimbl - the pocket money card and app for children 6-18

Help your children to develop money skills focused on earning, saving and spending. Track, manage and control their spend in the nimbl app.


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Supporting responsible spending through financial education

nimbl is here with our app, offering spending controls, savings features, and notifications. We're dedicated to safe spending and providing essential financial education for a secure future, all tailored.

How it works

nimbl's Fantasic Features


Instant Top Up

Transfer money to your children instantly, whether they are out shopping or on the other side of the world.


Digital Pocket Money

Set up and automate weekly or monthly pocket money – saving both time and removing the need to have cash for regular rewarding.


Spending Alerts

Real time notifications every time your children use their nimbl cards, with the amount spent, and where.



Family and friends can transfer money to your childrens nimbl card, helping your children form good money habits.


Savings in many forms

Saving regularly, once off or with our handy micro-savings feature, your children can save between 5p and £5 every time their nimbl card is used.


Spending Controls

You can set daily, weekly or monthly spending limits, no ATM withdrawals or online spending - not a problem because the controls are in your hands.


An absolute pleasure to use

"I love how simple the user experience is for both the child and the parent accounts, it's really slick and streamlined, but most of all when I've had queries the customer service is outstanding. Quick, polite, personal and always happy to oblige."

Carrie R., nimbl customer


Our commitment to you and your children

nimbl is devoted to financial education for ages 6 to 18. We're committed to empowering children with essential money skills and offering accessible resources. Our goal is to ensure the younger generation is well-equipped for their financial future.

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How secure is the nimbl card?

The nimbl prepaid debit card powered by Mastercard® has the same strong security measures in place as an adult credit or debit card. We use industry leading security in our nimbl web app and mobile app to protect your data at all times.


Check out our common questions

Why nimbl? +

We all remember our first experience with money, knowing what to spend and how to budget is scary… but at nimbl we want to help. We believe children learn by doing and by experiences. With their own nimbl card and access to the child version of our app, your children will learn how to manage their own money in a fun and easy way! nimbl creates a safe and secure environment for your children to learn, to make mistakes – and gain independence.

Where can the nimbl card be used? +

The nimbl card is powered by Mastercard and is accepted in over 32 million in-store and online locations worldwide. So from Birmingham to Blackpool and Paris to Perth, your child can enjoy all the amazing benefits of their nimbl card!For overseas transactions, they will incur a foreign currency transaction of 2.95% and there is a £1.50 foreign withdrawal charge.Cash point withdrawals in the UK are free of charge.

How do I join nimbl? +

It’s quick and easy to join – you need to apply online and complete a few simple steps. The sign up process will not take any longer than a couple of minutes, we promise! Click here to join nimbl today

What is the criteria for joining nimbl? +

You must be the legal parent/guardian for the child(-ren) you’re applying for, aged 18 years old or over, and a UK resident. We need to be able to verify your identity and confirm your address with the details you provide during the sign up process.