How nimbl works

With the winning combination of their nimbl card and app, you as a parent will have all the tools to help educate them about everything money.


So what is nimbl?

The nimbl way to help your children learn the value of money. nimbl is the leading pocket money card and app for 6 - 18 year olds aiming to provide a fun, secure, and easy way to learn about all things money.

Get your nimbl card in 1, 2, 3!

It's quick and simple to join nimbl online and your children's nimbl cards will arrive within a few days. You can set up pocket money, unique parental controls and help your children learn how to save and spend responsibly.


Sign up online

Let us know about you and your children, select their card from the different design options, and set up the subscription plan.


Activate your card

While you wait for your card, download the nimbl app onto your phone. When your card arrives, activate it either online or in the app.


Save, spend, and learn

Your child can now save, spend, and learn all about money in an easy and fun way. Set up spending limits and other parental controls in the app.


A friend recommended nimbl so we signed up.

"We wanted to support our autistic teens to be more independent with money.
They've loved their cards, loved the app, it's been so easy to use for both them and us as parents, the customer service is fast and efficient."

Claire, nimbl customer

nimbl's Fantasic Features


Instant Top Up

Transfer money to your children instantly, whether they are out shopping or on the other side of the world.


Digital Pocket Money

Set up and automate weekly or monthly pocket money – saving both time and removing the need to have cash for regular rewarding.


Spending Alerts

Real time notifications every time your children use their nimbl cards, with the amount spent, and where.



Family and friends can transfer money to your childrens nimbl card, helping your children form good money habits.


Savings in many forms

Saving regularly, once off or with our handy micro-savings feature, your children can save between 5p and £5 every time their nimbl card is used.


Spending Controls

You can set daily, weekly or monthly spending limits, no ATM withdrawals or online spending - not a problem because the controls are in your hands.


Tap and go with your nimbl card

Contactless comes as standard on all our nimbl cards, helping children 'tap and go' with confidence and making in-person transactions easier, speedier, and more convenient.

Extra checks so your child can shop safely online

The nimbl prepaid debit card powered by Mastercard® has the same strong security measures in place as an adult credit or debit card. We use industry leading security in our nimbl web app and mobile app to protect your data at all times.


There's a card for everyone


There's so much to achieve with nimbl

Your nimbl account is an amazing tool in helping your children learn about all things money, but with all this power comes responsibility. We've put together some handy tips on how to get started with some of the features on your nimbl account.

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Use your platform for good

We're always on the look out for new brand ambassadors who use and love the nimbl products and financial education resources and would like to spread the word.

"We gave my 6 year old some nimbl worksheets about money - and to our surprise after reading them she wrote a chore list and started negotiating her pay!"

Lauren S., nimbl customer

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