An easy and secure way to learn good money habits

nimbl is your partner in financial education and responsible money management. We've created a fun and educational way to pay pocket money or allowances.


Our mission

Our commitment to security and financial education is at the core of what we do. We believe that children learn by doing and by experiencing things first hand - and money management is no different. Designed for children, loved by parents.


Our vision


Money Management Skills

We aim to teach our users how to manage their money. Create and stick to budgets, reach savings goals, and be less impulsive with their purchases.


Scam and Fraud Education

We want to educate children in spotting and avoiding scams. According to the National Crime Agency there were 3.7 million incidents of fraud in England & Wales in 2022.


Financial Empowerment

We want children to feel financially empowered. Building their confidence in childhood means they will have good money habits to take into adulthood.


Designed for Children, Loved by Parents

We want to create an app that is not only user-friendly for the children, but the parents too! Money management shouldn't be complicated.


A Card for Everyone

We want everyone to feel included with nimbl, and with 4 bold and fun colours to pick from, there's a nimbl card for everyone.


Transparency and Security

It's important to us that parents can use their app to track savings and spending, set limits, and (un)block their child's card if something happens.


Powered by Caxton

Caxton Payments Ltd, which has over 20 years of industry experience, is committed to providing dependable financial services that demonstrate their dedication. Caxton’s strict adherence to regulatory standards ensures the secure handling of customers’ finances, reinforcing their commitment to responsible financial management.

Caxton proudly showcases its recognition through awards and accolades, underlining their dedication to delivering high-quality financial services recognised by industry experts. Customers can discover testimonials and reviews that offer real-life evidence of Caxton’s reliability and effectiveness, serving as a potent trust-building tool.

Caxton’s emphasis on personalised customer service assures customers their unique needs and preferences are always considered.


The Caxton x nimbl Story

From its humble beginnings to now helping the next generation with nimbl, Caxton continues to make sure money is working hard for families, travellers, and businesses across the UK.

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