With 2024 soon to start, now is a great time to think about starting some new habits that stick. And what better goal to set than a positive financial one? Setting some great financial goals for the year can help your kids pick up good money management habits and get ready to take charge of their own spending and savings!

If you’re on the hunt for any tips for goals to set your kids this year, look no further – we’ve pulled together some suggestions on how you can help your child kickstart the year and start developing good money habits:


Setting saving goals

Building a good habit of saving money is a really important life skill for kids to develop from an early age, so encouraging your child to think about setting a savings goal for 2024 could be a great financial target for the year!

Perhaps you plan to set your children a monetary figure to aim towards with their savings, or you could suggest they put a certain amount of their pocket money aside each month, to build up a healthy nest egg. Alternatively, if they want to buy something special with their own money, you could encourage them to gradually build up their savings to put towards the purchase.

Whatever the savings goals you give your kids this year, making use of nimbl’s nifty miscrosavings feature is a great way to help them meet their target – enabling them to save a little every time they spend. As they start to see their savings quickly grow, they’ll soon gain a sense of satisfaction from their savings successes, and may even want to set themselves even more ambitious goals for the future!


Spending sensibly and independently

Alongside saving, developing good spending habits is an essential skill for children to have in the future.

Whether they are just starting out on their pocket money journey, or if they have been receiving monthly or weekly income for a few years now, sensible spending is something you can teach at any time – and can be super straightforward, thanks to nimbl’s handy features!

It may be that your kids want to set themselves a monthly budget to keep their spending within, or want to try and stop spending their money on certain things or at a particular shop. Whatever their spending goals for 2024 are, nimbl can help. Thanks to our super straightforward spending controls feature, you can set your children daily, weekly or monthly spending limits via the parent app – meaning that they won’t be able to exceed that limit (of course, if your kids find themselves over their limit and needing to use their nimbl card, you can instantly switch it off or change the limit!).

Similarly, with nimbl providing both you and your child instant spend notifications, you can both keep track of where they are using their nimbl card – helping you both have open discussions about their spending trends and how they can try to improve them.


Financial goals are simple to set

Whatever stage your kids are at in managing their money, it is never too early to set simple financial goals to help them create great money habits from a young age! We hope these ideas are useful, and make 2024 a great year for your child’s spending and saving. If you have any other top tips for great financial goals for children, send us a message on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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