nimbl featured blogger, Rion-Jensen has come up with some great savings advice! Read his blog below to help you save money for summer!

As spring approaches and the weather starts to improve, you might start dreaming about summer holidays and fun outdoors activities. I know this might seem like a while off at the moment, but it’s never too early to start thinking about saving money for summer, so you can enjoy yourself without any money worries.

Good news is, I have a tip that should help you make a dent in your summer savings target.

My tip is similar to nimbl’s popular micro-savings feature, where if you buy something, a small portion of money is added to your savings.

My idea works if you have a steady income of pocket money, whether it’s monthly or weekly, when you get your next top-up of pocket money, put the leftovers from your previous month into your savings.

For example, if you get £10 every week, and you spend £8 during that week. When you get your next £10, you need to put the leftover £2 into savings. If you continue at this rate, in 10 weeks you would’ve saved £20!

This year, so far, I’ve saved £31.21 using this method and I’m planning on doubling or even tripling that amount!

If you need to increase your pocket money to help you save faster, I’m sure there are plenty of ways that you can help out around the house!

Also, currently I am running a petition for young people to be taught life skills in school –Please click/sign here if you agree!

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