Featured blogger, Rîon-Jensen reviews micro-savings...

nimbl’s featured blogger, Rîon-Jensen took some time to try out and review our super savings feature, micro-savings. Here’s what he had to say:

“Do you find you are using your nimbl card more frequently lately, especially since the days have been lighter for longer and most importantly, warmer than normal?!

I personally have been buying extra cold drinks, snacks and general refreshments which obviously all add up.

On the plus side, what I have been taking advantage of is nimbl’s new card feature called ‘micro-savings’. 

Micro-who I hear you ask? Allow me to explain…

This new amazing feature helps you save money every time you use your nimbl card and you are able to choose amounts from as little as 5p all the way up to a maximum of £5.

Although it may seem like you are spending more per transaction, the extra amount is automatically transferred across to your savings account… helping you find a good balance between spending and saving.

Last week, I used my card over three days, setting my ‘micro-savings’ at 30p per time which took 90p in total for the week. If I use the card three times again next week and the week after, my micro-saving would total £2.70 which automatically goes into the savings section of your nimbl account. Smart, right?

Remember, this only works if you have enough money in your account to begin with and you can turn the feature on and off anytime you like, so you’re not under pressure. In the long run, you will eventually save more than you think.

nimbl has helped the way I spend, knowing that I don’t have to keep cash in my pocket, and I just feel safer when I am out and about. I plan on saving over the school summer holidays.

Who would have thought just 50 years ago (27 June 1967 to be precise), after the first ATM was launched in Enfield, London we would have a contactless pocket money card that helps you save whilst you spend – genius!”

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