The ideal stocking filler: nimbl’s got Christmas gifts covered

Christmas is fast approaching, and the race to get your kids’ gifts and stocking fillers for this year is officially on!

Traditionally, some family members might have popped a £10 note in a card as a useful ‘stocking filler’ for kids, but as our society becomes increasingly cashless how can they continue to help bolster your child’s pocket money savings and what should they do if they are stuck for gift ideas? Well, look no further – nimbl has the answer, with our easy-to-use gifting feature!

In a nutshell…

With our gifting feature, friends and family can transfer money straight into your kids nimbl account through a secure gifting link. Gone are the days of giving a card with a £10 or a £20 note inside, making it super easy and super safe to give a monetary gift this Christmas, with none of the hassle!

Why use the gifting feature?

The gift of money means your kids can buy something for themselves that they would really like. Maybe it is a bigger ticket purchase they have been saving up for for while but need an extra bit of help to get over the finish line, or a smaller item they have had on their radar for a while: whatever their spending plans are, with nimbl’s gifting feature loved ones can easily contribute to this goal!

nimbl’s gifting feature is also an eco-friendly alternative to buying toys that your kids might not want or need. Transfering money straight into their account digitally means they can use the money to get themselves something they really want – cutting out plastic waste from stocking fillers and gifts that might be thrown away at a later date, or not wanted at all!

The digital nature of the gift means it can be easily sent from anywhere, as long as you have the secure link. This means that grandparents or extended family who may live abroad, or are celebrating Christmas away, are able to send their gift straight to your kids nimbl card, without needing to be nearby or spending money on expensive postage fees.

We hope this has been a helpful overview of our gifting feature and how it can be used over Christmas. If you have any other top tips for how you use your gifting feature, send us a message on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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