Revising for your Maths GCSE exam

With GCSE exams coming up fast, we would hope that students have already started their revision for them, especially their Maths GCSE which can often be one of the most challenging ones to take. But fear not we’re here to help some advice on how to approach your revision for this challenging exam, especially if you haven’t started your revision for it yet.

How to revise effectively

In a previous post, we covered some tips on how you could revise over the Easter break. These tips if you are up for reading them still apply, but you should scale back your revision slightly so that you still have time for any other school work.

If you already started your revision in Easter you will hopefully have already structured your time all the way up to the exam but in case you haven’t…

How to structure your time

Start by figuring out how many days you have until your Math exam. Luckily you don’t need to do any math for this, you can use this site to calculate the number of days until the exam as long as you know the exam date.

If you’re not sure the date of your first exam, you can find your exam timetables online – here are the ones for Edexcel GCSEsWJEC GCSEsAQA GCSEs and OCR GCSEs

Once you know how many days you have until your exam you can split your revision up between the days and hours you would be able to revise. We would suggest ensuring you give enough time to subjects that you struggle with, especially if it’s Maths so that you have the best opportunity to learn what you need to.

Practice your Maths in the real world

Depending on the subject you’re revising you can usually apply what you’ve learned in the real world. Maths is one of those subjects. It can be applied to everyday things like cooking, DIY, managing finances or even simple reasoning. Taking what you’re revising and finding a way to apply it in the real world is a sure fire way to have it stick in your head especially when you’re struggling to get the concept.

A great example of this can be seen on BBC bitesize.

Dink thifferently and apply what you learn. You’ll be amazed by the results from your revision.

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