Learning about money doesn’t have to be boring. Here’s 5 money-themed board games for you to try on your next family games night.


Monopoly, a classic money-themed board game, serves as an engaging and educational tool for children to develop money management skills. Through gameplay, children learn about counting money, making strategic financial decisions, and understanding the concept of property ownership. Certain versions of the game, such as Monopoly Junior and Junior Bluey, cater specifically to younger players, offering a simplified and more accessible experience. Monopoly Junior introduces simplified rules and colourful designs, making it suitable for younger players who might be new to the world of board games. The Junior Bluey version, based on the popular children’s TV show, adds an extra layer of familiarity and excitement for young fans. The vast range of monopoly versions on offer ensures there is something for everyone, to help children learn the essentials of cash flow.

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The board game Payday offers a unique and entertaining way for children to learn valuable lessons about money management. Through the game’s simulated monthly financial cycle, players experience earning a salary, managing expenses, and dealing with unexpected financial challenges. Payday introduces concepts such as budgeting, saving, and making strategic decisions for financial gain. By navigating the ups and downs of the game, children gain a practical understanding of the importance of planning ahead and making wise financial choices. The game also provides children with experience of financial transactions, reinforcing skills like counting and basic arithmetic. Overall, Payday not only makes learning about money enjoyable but also equips children with practical skills that will prove beneficial in their future financial endeavours.

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Pop to the Shops

Pop to the Shops, is a great choice for younger children to learn about money in a fun and interactive way. The game revolves around the concept of buying and selling items at various shops. Through play, children practice counting money, making purchases, and giving change, fostering basic arithmetic skills and financial literacy. The game encourages decision-making as players strategize which items to buy and sell, promoting an understanding of budgeting and value assessment. Pop to the Shops provides a hands-on experience that helps children become familiar with different denominations of coins and bills, contributing to their overall financial awareness. This engaging and colourful game not only makes learning about money enjoyable but also lays the foundation for good habits in the future. 

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Money Match Café

Money Match Café introduces children to the world of commerce and entrepreneurship by allowing them to run their own café. Children learn about handling money, making change, and understanding the value of different denominations. Money Match Café incorporates practical scenarios, such as taking orders, managing expenses, and earning profits, offering an experience that fosters financial literacy. The game encourages strategic thinking as players aim to maximize their earnings while efficiently managing their resources. By combining play with real-world financial concepts, Money Match Café not only makes learning about money enjoyable but also provides a valuable foundation for children to navigate financial decisions in the future.

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The Game of Life

In The Game of Life, players navigate through the various stages of life, from choosing a career and buying a home to handling unexpected twists and turns, they learn valuable lessons in financial planning. The game incorporates income, expenses, and investments, offering a comprehensive understanding of budgeting and decision-making. Children are exposed to the consequences of their choices, such as the impact of education on career options and the importance of saving for future milestones. The Game of Life provides a dynamic platform for discussions about financial responsibility, risk-taking, and the importance of long-term planning. Through this interactive and entertaining game, children not only learn about money but also develop critical life skills that will serve them well as they grow older.

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These money-themed board games provide an interactive and enjoyable way for your children to learn about money. The practical experience of a board game can go beyond traditional learning to help your child learn about financial challenges, saving, and spending, helping to instill financial literacy for years to come.




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