We think it’s fair to say the summer has finally arrived! After a very long winter, the warm weather and long evenings – with the kids finally being able to let off steam outdoors – definitely feels like a blessing for parents and families. But with school holidays coming up and children spending more time outdoors socialising, it’s easy for their sense of budgeting to go slightly awry and for them to slip back into bad habits. With this in mind, to help your kids stay on track with safe pocket money spending and saving, we’ve shared our top ways to make the most out of nimbl’s personalised features this summer.

Saving up

Summer is often an expensive time of year, with typically more trips out and social events – hence why now’s the perfect time to get that ‘summer save’ on!

The micro-savings function works a treat for this. It’s a great way of saving instantaneously: every time your child spends, an amount of their choosing will be put aside into a protected savings pot. It’s also super handy if the kids are using their card every day at school to buy their lunch, allowing them to cash in on savings almost every day of the week!

Extra earnings over summer

As the end of the school year draws ever-nearer, older children may be turning their attention to the summer job hunt and looking to source some cash for funding summer plans.

nimbl’s gifting link is ideal for teens looking to reap some earnings from helping out a family friend or neighbour – be it mowing the lawn, taking their dog on a walk or babysitting. As a parent, all you need to do is pop the link across to whoever it is that wants to pay your child, and they can reimburse them for their hard work straight away.

Getting outdoors

With this summer looking set to bring glorious weather (fingers crossed), some extra incentives may be required to help children ditch the screens in favour of the great outdoors this year!

And that’s where nimbl’s automated weekly pocket money payments can help. Why not try setting a weekly outdoor activity challenge in exchange for some form of small, but regular reward for completing them. It could be as ambitious as asking them to hit 10,000 steps a day, or as small as walking the dog twice a week – the important thing is that they’re getting out there!

Buying an ice cream

And finally, the most simple – but not to be forgotten – option, the classic summer past-time of sitting in the local park with an ice cream in hand. To all our relief, Mr Whippy has modernised in recent years and now nearly always accepts contactless payments, which is great news for the digital generation looking for a quick fix for their sweet tooth!

Is your child doing anything inventive to save up for their summer plans? Let us know via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – we’d love to hear from you!

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