Earning money through summer jobs and odd jobs aren’t the only way to save up pocket money this summer, learning how not to spend is a great way (some might say the best way) to save. But how are you going to get through the summer without spending you’re wondering?

Well…you probably will end up spending some money this summer but if you take on at least some of what we suggest below you might get through the summer having spent a lot less than you would have.

Stay away from temptation

If you’re trying to not spend money this summer, the obvious first thing to do would be to not put yourself in a position to be tempted to spend. So, if you like to buy clothes online or in certain stores avoid visiting them even if it’s “just to browse”. You can survive not going for a few weeks.


Now that you’re avoiding your temptation you’ll have a lot more free time but luckily there are lots of free things to do. Explore your local town and take some pictures or visit a local nature spot you’ve always meant to go to. Walking around is usually free unless it’s a paid attraction, so take advantage and explore what your area has to offer. You might be surprised by what you find.

Sometimes the National Trust has special open days and prices for young people so it’s always worth checking to see what’s on in your area.

Take your own lunch and drinks on your adventures

Save yourself from having to waste your pocket money on fast food and take your own when you’re exploring. You’ll have food and drink when you want it because you’ll have it on you and you won’t have to go hunting for a restaurant that serves what you’re looking for. If you have any allergies or particular ways you like your food then this is definitely the way forward.

Have fun with your friends

Games at your local park or beach, riding your bikes, sleepovers and video game days are just some of the things you could do with your friends or siblings for free. Make some memories.

Find free classes & workshops

Community centres, theatres and retailers like Apple sometimes offer free classes for children to try new things over the summer which opens up a whole realm of possibilities for those of you with curious minds. Let your parents know to keep their eyes out and do some research to see if you can find any in your local area to take advantage of. These are usually fun and interactive days which will make your summer sound a lot more exciting than your friends when you go back to school after the summer is finished.

Go to your local Library

Your town/area very likely has a library, which is amazing for young and old at providing books, DVDs , e-books and audio books free of charge. If you’re not already signed up at your local library now would be the time to go, if not for the books, for the quiet.

Sign Up for Film Screenings

Did you know you can go to the cinema for free? No, really! There are regular competitions and offers online that offer free/discounted entry to screenings of films usually with the only thing you need to do if you get to go is to talk about your experience. One reputable company is Show Film First which offers members free access to events and non-members exciting offers. If you’re an aspiring blogger/vlogger/journalist then this is a great opportunity, if not it’s still free entertainment. With any competitions like this, however, please remember to stay safe with your information online and only share it with trusted companies.

Enter competitions

Restaurants, retailers and more like customers who review, like and follow them online. To encourage their customers to do this more they sometimes have competitions with prizes. These are usually really easy to enter and earn entrants amazing prizes but careful of email spam from signing up to too many.

Check FreeCycle for free items

Look out for freebies on FreeCycle which you could use, play with or even sell yourself if you’re savvy. Treasure could be right around the corner!


We’ve talked about volunteering before and summer is a great time to do it as you haven’t got the pressure from school to worry about and you have a lot more free time to give to worthwhile causes.

Enjoy time with your furry friends

Some special bonding time with your dog at the park/beach/forest could be the best way to enjoy your summer without spending any money. Letting them run free and play will not only make them happy, it will make you happy.

We know it might seem impossible not to spend any money this summer but hopefully, we’ve sparked you into thinking how you could do it.

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