With Sport Relief upon us, we can’t help but think about all the charity that will be going on and how often we hear people (young and old) saying they wish they could give more. Depending on the circumstances we can do almost anything, including saving money for a charity near and dear to your hearts.

So maybe you’re a charitable person who can’t give as much as you wish you could this year for Sport Relief and you’re looking for tips, or you’re a charity newbie who doesn’t know where to start, either way, we’ve come up with some ways to nurture your charitable spirit from an early age. 

1. Donate time

Everybody might not have money to give but almost everyone has something more precious to give to those around them who need it most…time.

Donating your time by volunteering with the charity you support is one of the easiest ways to give something to the charity that will go much further than simply providing a donation. Not only is it a fantastic way of helping others, if you’re giving your time you can usually see directly where the money you’ve donated goes.

You should also ask the rest of your family to get involved too, we’re sure your parents have skills that will benefit your chosen charity. Create different family memories to last a lifetime.

2. Simply be helpful

An easy thing to ask but sometimes harder to do. Putting others before yourself is not usually a behaviour we consciously do. A special few however do and it shows a lot about someone’s character.

From helping your parents with the bins & dishes to creating delicious treats for your classmates, doing kind and generous acts for other people, instils the important lesson…‘Treat others how you wish to be treated’.

Little gestures can make a massive difference.

3. Support a charity

Choosing a charity isn’t easy but if you’re passionate about something, there’s more than likely a related charity that you can donate your time and effort to supporting.

If you’re not sure what charity you’d like to support, why not look into a local one? Localgiving supports communities, lists local causes and provides an opportunity for you to help locally!

Here at nimbl, we support the Memusi Foundation, who work directly with communities in Kenya and Tanzania to provide hope through education for young people.

Do you support a particular charity and take part in regular charitable giving?

Why not email [email protected] and let us know? We’d love to hear your story.

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