How nimbl helps our customers stay safe

A few of the ways we keep you safe...

As with any service offered to families, our customers do sometimes ask how we keep customers safe here at nimbl so we have put together a short blog around just that.

The card & app

The app is made for families with separate logins for parents (one parent account per family currently) and children.

Parents can use the app to keep their children safe by:

  • Transferring money to your children’s nimbl cards instantly, useful for when they run out away from home.
  • Receiving alerts whenever your children use their nimbl cards. If there’s unusual activity you’re able to spot it when it’s happening and take action.
  • Viewing statements to see your children’s spending habits. You can use this to help teach them how to spend more responsibly.
  • Securely locking & unlocking the nimbl cards if they have been misplaced using the app.
  • Use Spending Controls to guide your children’s spending decisions. This can additionally be used to ensure that the cards can only be used how your child would.

Children are able to keep themselves safe by:

  • View their statement and review spending decisions.
  • Check their balance and spending controls in place (if any!).
  • Invite family & friends to send gifts directly to nimbl savings rather than handling cash.

The blog

Our blog is an additional resource to help keep nimbl families safe, providing updates on relevant stories for the time of year, the information we think children or parents should know like how to shop safely online, and updates on how we improved our services for you.

Your data

Finally, your data, something which has become (and has always been) important. We take pride in and are committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal data. We are as open as possible about the personal data that we must collect to deliver the nimbl service and how this data is processed and shared with our partners.

With this in mind, we ensure to keep our customers informed about rights in relation to your data and our legal grounds for using it in line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can read our full Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice by going to the following links:

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Notice

As mentioned these are just some of the ways nimbl helps to keep you safe but if you have any more questions feel free to check out our FAQ’s or email our Customer Experience team.

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