2020 – it just sounds futuristic. My mum says she always imagined 2020 would have flying cars, people being teleported to wherever they want, and so on. Well, we may not have got there yet, but we do have technology. Without technology, we’d have no electric cars, social media and contactless banking, more importantly DIGITAL banking for kids in the shape of nimbl.

What is ground-breaking about nimbl, apart from providing digital pocket money and keeping our parents up-to-date with tech, is they focus their attention on one main demographic, who will buy into all of these great services in the future. This demographic has been quoted as “…demanding the unimagined…”, we are of course talking about kids and teenagers like me!

The future does belong to us, and when I started blogging for nimbl aged 11, I could count on two fingers the number of online banks available to us. Now, I have full hands and I’m still counting. With all this opportunity and choice, using my card has become easier in different retailers and the ability to ‘tap and go’, which is great. I am proud to say, that we are the generation that has grown up with technology, unlike our elders who have had to learn it later in life.

I find it fascinating when I hear my grandparents talk about money, in fact my granddad only withdraws cash from his only favourite cash machine and then goes to pay their bills at the post office – they are slowly learning more about technology, especially thanks to nimbl’s gifting feature, for my birthday and Christmas they now send money directly into my nimbl savings account (so, no more cash in a card – yay).

It’s not just money that has changed, I spend a lot of time streaming websites, using apps, downloading my favourite music, playing my favourite video games online with my friends and even doing all my school homework online. My point is, everything has become digital, so it is only right that my spending habits are also done online, and nimbl provides that.

I think as we continue into 2020 and beyond and become more futuristic, we still need to remember the true value of money. This is because we touch it less and see it less because now, it’s mainly digital. This is why I like nimbl – It allows me to save in my online nimbl account, track my payments, budget for things that I am saving for and more importantly, it sends reminders to my mum to pay my pocket money in each week. Likewise it sends instant alerts to show where money has been spent, with details on how much, where and when!

Then again…maybe nimbl need to get rid of that feature!


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