When I nimbl’d it! #micro-savings

Author: Rîon-Jensen Brown

In January 2017, I set a goal of saving for an iPad Pro after experiencing the use of my grandad’s one in Birmingham. I needed to save £470.00 over seven months = £67.14.

How would I do it? 

I knew I had a hard task, when I only received £10 a week pocket money. I spoke to my mum, and we came to an agreement that if we agreed on a chore list, I would get extra pocket money a week if I hit all the deadlines on time. In addition, I would save my Christmas money that I received a month before, to put towards my iPad fund, and with my birthday not too far away, I requested that everyone gifted money towards my iPad fund instead of presents. Before I knew it, I managed to save what I needed, and even managed to purchase an apple pencil in addition.

This year for 2018, I am not saving for anything in particular, I want to take advantage of having an account with nimbl, and would rather utilise my nimbl account for savings, with my personal goal of saving at least £25 a month for this year, hopefully saving £300.00 in total – fingers crossed for December 2018! 

In addition, what will make my savings even more exciting is nimbl’s micro-savings options. 

What is micro-saving?

Basically, every time I use my nimbl card, an amount chosen by me will automatically be transferred into my nimbl savings account. So, for example, if I set a £2.50 savings amount for every spend, I will quickly save, so if I spend £10.00 an additional £2.50 will be transferred into my micro savings account, which will help me to manage my money responsibly – result!

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