Don’t checkout until you check out…

Christmas is right around the corner, and when it comes, you may well receive some Christmas money, which your friends and relatives can send straight to your nimbl card via ‘gifting‘.

 If you read my last blog, you would know that you could either: spend on Black Friday or Boxing Day sales.

My favourite place to spend money via my nimbl card, is online…

Shopping online is always a way to find what you want at a discounted price, however, don’t get caught out by expensive shipping costs.

My advice to avoid this would be:

  1. Choose what you want on a shop’s website, and put it in your basket
  2. Before you buy what you want, check the shipping options. If there is an option to click and collect choose that to avoid the shipping cost however, not every shop website offers this service and if it does ask your parent/carer before you do it.
  3. If all goes well you should receive an e-mail with your order/reference number from the website, which it’s advisable to screenshot the receipt, capturing the date, code, full invoice and e-mail details. If anything happens to the e-mail you have the screenshot of it, and to be on the safe side you can call the number on the e-mail for them to send another e-mail to you.
  4. Finally you need to collect the package from the shop. Make sure not to leave it too late because the item won’t be held forever and you can risk having a forced refund and no package, meaning you will have to do the whole process all over again. When you get to the shop, show them the code that they sent you so they can give you the package.

So whether you are planning on buying some post-Christmas gifts for yourself, whether that’s January, February, March and so on, remember you don’t need to add shipping to the basket, and the more money you save, the better your nimbl account will look!


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