Black Friday is knocking on our door once again and already we can feel our purse strings beginning to tighten. Take a read of how our featured blogger, Rîon-Jensen tackles sale spending and resisting the temptation to unnecessarily splurge! Here’s what he had to say…

“It is officially peak time for spending, and peak time for cautiousness.

November and December are possibly the two busiest months to buy items in the lead up to Christmas, but let us not forget, there are still 10 other months to budget for…

It’s important not to lose your head in the sales bonanza.

Due to recently celebrating my birthday, I received lots of money to spend on my nimbl card through Gifting. 60% has gone into savings leaving me 40% to spend how I please.

The question is, do I use it for Black Friday or do I wait until Christmas and spend it in the official Boxing Day/January sales?

I like to make a list of things that I really want, then keep an eye on the price. If it reduces in the Black Friday sales then I will buy it, if not, I’ll wait for December to see if it reduces further. Plus by saving up my birthday and Christmas money I can get a big picture of what I could buy for boxing day.

Whatever the decision, there is one common denominator that is relevant to both dilemmas: making sure you spend wisely, use reputable websites (that feature the padlock on them) and resisting the temptation to impulse shop. Your nimbl card is sacred, and your money is your treasure, so protect it.”

Thanks for the great advice, Rîon-Jensen!

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