Can video games really help our children learn about money?

Video games are a beloved pastime for many children, but can they also serve as an educational tool?

When it comes to financial literacy, some video games stand out as engaging platforms that can help children develop a solid understanding of money management. In this article, we will explore some of the best games to impart financial wisdom.

The Sims Series

The Sims” franchise is a pioneer in the simulation genre, offering players the chance to create and control virtual lives. While seemingly focused on everyday activities, “The Sims” is a goldmine for teaching financial responsibility. Players must manage their Sims’ budgets, navigate career choices, and make decisions about housing and lifestyle. The game introduces concepts such as income, expenses, and the importance of balancing wants and needs. The Sims teaches kids that financial success is not just about earning money but also about making wise choices with it.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons” has taken the gaming world by storm, captivating players with its charming and immersive world. Beyond its adorable characters and relaxing gameplay, the game offers valuable lessons in money management. Players become the mayor of their own island, responsible for its development and the well-being of its animal inhabitants. Through activities like fishing, bug catching, and fossil hunting, players earn in-game currency (Bells) and must decide how to spend wisely. The game also introduces the concept of loans for home upgrades, teaching kids about borrowing, and repayment.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley” combines farming simulation with role-playing elements, providing a rich and immersive environment for players. Beyond planting crops and raising animals, players must manage their farms’ finances, including budgeting for seeds, equipment upgrades, and community development projects. The game thus makes players decide how to allocate their time and resources for maximum gain. “Stardew Valley” encourages strategic thinking and responsible resource management.

Pizza Tycoon (Pizza Connection)

This classic business simulation game allows players to step into the shoes of a pizza entrepreneur. In “Pizza Tycoon“, kids learn about the intricacies of running a business, from setting prices to managing staff and marketing. The game introduces concepts such as supply and demand, competition, and customer satisfaction. By making decisions that impact their virtual pizza empire, players gain insights into the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.

World Financial Football

Developed by Visa, “World Financial Football” is an educational game that combines the thrill of sports with financial literacy. Aimed at teaching kids about money management through the lens of football, players must answer financial questions correctly to advance on the field. The game covers a range of financial topics, from budgeting to credit management, all while maintaining an engaging focus on sport. “World Financial Football” is an innovative way to make financial education enjoyable and relevant.

FIFA Series

The popular “FIFA” series by EA Sports not only brings the excitement of soccer to gaming consoles but also incorporates financial elements that mimic the real-world sports industry. Players take on the role of a manager, responsible for building and maintaining a successful soccer team. This involves budgeting for player transfers, negotiating contracts, and managing the team’s financial health. “FIFA” introduces children to the business side of sports, teaching them about financial strategy and decision-making in a competitive environment.

Video games have proven to be effective tools in teaching children life lessons. The combination of entertainment and education ensures children learn good financial skills and habits in a fun and engaging way, so consider introducing some of these video games to help prepare your child for a financially savvy future. If your looking for games that are away from the screen, check out our Top 5 Money-Themed Board Games.

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