A fun way to learn good habits

nimbl Pocket Money Card

At nimbl, your partner in financial education and responsible money management. nimbl is a fun way to pay pocket money and teach your child good money habits. We understand the challenges parents face in teaching their children financial responsibility in today’s digital age.  

With a nimbl Pocket Money Card, you can effortlessly manage your children’s pocket money and spending. Real-time transaction notifications keep both you and your child informed, so you can monitor their spending and set savings goals together. 

Our commitment to security and financial education is something you can nurture financial literacy and independence in your children while enjoying the convenience of modern, cashless transactions. 

nimbl is an award-winning app and prepaid debit card, which gives you the tools to help your children learn about money. You can set up pocket money, unique parental controls and help your children learn how to save and spend responsibly. 

We believe children learn by doing and by experiences.

A young girl holding her nimbl Pocket Money Card up to her face.

Financial scam & education

nimbl is committed to protecting future generations from scams and financial fraud. In an increasingly cashless world, we recognise the importance of equipping young people with the knowledge and tools to safeguard themselves from scams from an early age.  

According to the National Crime Agency (NCA), there were a staggering 3.7 million incidents of fraud in England and Wales by the end of 2022. Alarmingly, the NCA also indicates that a significant 86% of fraud cases go under-reported, indicating a far greater scale of fraud than reported statistics suggest. We understand the significance of empowering them with the skills to manage money online securely. 

Our advocacy focuses on educating young minds about financial wellbeing, how scams work and what proactive steps they can take to protect themselves from online financial fraud. We are here to support parents and teachers in this important part of a young person’s financial journey. By providing these valuable resources, we are taking a proactive stance in safeguarding the financial well-being of our future generations.

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