Find the balance between spending and saving, with micro-savings

Saving money can be hard… that’s why we have broken it down and created: ‘micro-savings’, a fantastic way for your children to save money whenever they spend!

Every time your children spend with their nimbl card an amount chosen by them will be transferred automatically into their savings account.

micro-savings can be turned off at any time.

A nimbl example:

Tom has £30.00 on his nimbl card

He sets up micro-savings and chooses to save 50p each time he uses his nimbl card.

Tom then spends £7.00 at a bookstore and we automatically transfer 50p from his nimbl card to nimbl savings.

We don’t believe in negative balances so if there isn’t enough money to transfer the micro-savings amount, we will ensure the payment is still made and the micro-saving transfer will be skipped this time.

On your Parent dashboard you can see how much money your child micro-saves each month and watch as those small amounts grow over time.

By making savings easy your child will soon learn the benefits of regular saving and managing money responsibly.

Your child can log into their nimbl account and start micro-savings today!