Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How secure is the nimbl card?

    The nimbl prepaid debit card powered by Mastercard® has the same strong security measures in place as an adult credit or debit card. We use industry leading security in our nimbl web app and mobile app to protect your data at all times.

  • Will age-inappropriate purchases be blocked?

    Yes, where possible we restrict the nimbl card from being used at age-inappropriate retailers by default. For example gambling sites & casinos, adult content and at off-licences and pubs. We do our part, but at the moment it’s not possible to restrict the nimbl card from being used to buy age-inappropriate products at permitted retailers such as grocery stores. We rely on retailers to verify the age of the cardholder, where necessary.

  • How we're different to a bank

    The nimbl card and app have been specifically designed to help your child manage their money, which is why it comes loaded with amazing features such as instant top up, micro-savings, digital pocket money, gifting and ‘soft’ lock and unlock card options.

    These features are not included with child bank accounts on the market!

    Find out more here. 

  • How your money is protected

    As an e-money institution, PPS protects your money through a process known as safeguarding. 

    This means that your money is kept separate from PPS’s own money or protected through an insurance policy or similar guarantee.   

    Your safeguarded money is not available to any creditors, banks or other third parties. This means that your money will always be available should you ask us to refund your e-money.  

    PPS is required to undergo annual independent audits of safeguarding procedures to ensure that your safeguarded money is properly protected.  

    Banks are required by the regulators to participate in the Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS acts like an insurance policy for bank accounts and pays out up to a maximum of £85,000 per eligible person, per bank, building society or credit union or up to £170,000 for joint accounts in the event of the bank or building society becoming insolvent. 

    E-money issuers are not able to participate in FSCS and therefore your account is not protected by FSCS. In contrast, safeguarding applies to all customers, with no defined limit per customer or account (besides our normal maximum account balance). Which means all your money within your nimbl account is protected. In the very unlikely event of PPS becoming insolvent, the return of your money might take longer than an FSCS claim because the distribution would be handled by an insolvency practitioner or administrator. It’s worth noting that because the administrator can deduct their costs from this money, you might get slightly less than your full account balance back. 

    You can head to the FCA’s website to find out more about the main differences between banks and e-money firms here or for more information on safeguarding requirements here  

  • Where can the nimbl card be used?

    The nimbl card is powered by Mastercard and is accepted in over 32 million in-store and online locations worldwide. So from Birmingham to Blackpool and Paris to Perth, your child can enjoy all the amazing benefits of their nimbl card!

    For overseas transactions, they will incur a foreign currency transaction of 2.95% and there is a £1.50 foreign withdrawal charge.

    Cash point withdrawals in the UK are free of charge.

Joining nimbl

  • How do I join nimbl?

    It’s quick and easy to join – you need to apply online and complete a few simple steps. The sign up process will not take any longer than a couple of minutes, we promise!

    Click here to join nimbl today & get 1 month free!

  • How much does nimbl cost?

    Try nimbl for free – Join today & get 1 month free for up to 4 nimbl cards, so you and your child(-ren) can try all of nimbl’s benefits and features!

    After that, it costs just £2.49 per child when charged monthly or £28 per child when charged annually. See our pricing.

  • When does my free trial begin?

    nimbl currently offers a 1 month free trial for new customers. You won’t be charged during your free trial, and you can cancel anytime.

    We’ll remind you when your free trial is about to end and if you choose to continue using nimbl after your trial ends, you’ll be automatically charged £2.49 per child per month or £28 per child for the year.

    Your free trial starts as soon as you activate your child’s card.

  • What is the criteria for joining nimbl?

    You must be the legal parent/guardian for the child(-ren) you’re applying for, aged 18 years old or over, and a UK resident. We need to be able to verify your identity and confirm your address with the details you provide during the sign up process.

  • What is the criteria for my child using nimbl?

    The child must be your legal responsibility and he/she must be aged between 6 and 18 years old when you sign up.

  • What details do I have to provide to sign up for a nimbl card?

    As a parent/guardian, we’ll need you to provide your full name, address, email address, mobile number, and we’ll need your child’s name too. Is that all? Yeah, it’s simple to sign up.

    (Occasionally, we may need to ask for further identification such as a passport, driving licence or utility bill.)

  • How long will it take to receive the card(s)?

    You’ll usually receive your card(s) within 7-10 working days from the day of signing up online.

    If you don’t receive your card(s) within this time, then please feel free to contact us via email at or call us on 02476 994 000.

Using nimbl

  • How do I activate the nimbl card?

    Once you’ve received the nimbl card, then you can activate the card online (via the website only not the app):

    1. Log in at
    2. Select ‘Activate card’ from beside your child’s profile.
    3. Enter the last four digits of the card number.
    4. Fill in your child’s date of birth & gender.
    5. If you wish, set up pocket money and create a nimbl login for your child so they can experience the full benefits of the nimbl app.
    6. Click ‘Activate’ to complete the card activation.
    7. View the nimbl card’s PIN by selecting ‘Show PIN Number’ from the popup window.
  • How do I set up contactless on the nimbl card?

    Use your PIN the first time the nimbl card is used to set up contactless

    Parents can then turn on/off contactless at any point via the nimbl app under Spending Controls:

    1. Log in at
    2. Click on your child’s nimbl card.
    3. Select ‘Spending Controls’.
    4. Turn off/on contactless payments.
    5. ‘Save Changes’ to complete.
  • Where do I find the PIN?

    You can view the PIN online:

    1. Log in at
    2. Go to your child’s nimbl card page.
    3. Click on ‘View PIN’ and enter your Parent Account password for verification to see the PIN.
    4. This will be the same PIN used for Chip & PIN transactions.
  • How do I top up the parent account?

    You’ll need to top up your parent account to be able to transfer money to your child’s nimbl card.

    1. Log in at
    2. Select ‘Top up’ from your parent dashboard.
    3. Choose or enter an amount that you wish to top up.
    4. Choose your payment method, and enter your debit card details if relevant.
    5. Select ‘Make Payment’ to complete topping your parent account.
  • How do I set up child log in details?

    You can set up child log in details during the card activation process (via the website only not the app).

    You can also do this once your child’s card has been activated:

    1. Log in at using a web browser
    2. Click on your child’s profile
    3. Click create login details
  • How do I set up regular pocket money?

    We recommended setting up regular automatic pocket money payments to help polish your child’s budgeting skills.

    1. Log in at
    2. Go to your child’s profile page by selecting their name.
    3. Choose ‘Set up pocket money’ and follow the instructions.
  • How do I order a replacement card?

    To order a replacement card:

    • Log in at using a web browser
    • Click on the ‘Report a card lost or stolen’ button
    • Select the child you want to order a replacement card for
    • If your child has temporarily misplaced their card, you can lock the card until it is found, or you can proceed to order a new card.
    • Select whether the card was lost, stolen or damaged
    • Click on the ‘Order Replacement Card’ button to confirm your order

    Replacements cost £5.00 per card, which will be charged to either your Parent Account or your stored card.

    The replacement card will arrive in the next couple of days.

  • How do I view my child's statements?

    Oversee your child’s spending by viewing their statements online:

    1. Log in at
    2. Select ‘nimbl card’ or ‘nimbl savings’ from besides your child’s profile.
    3. Click ‘View Statements’.
  • How do I lock/unlock my child's nimbl card?

    If you can’t find your child’s nimbl card, don’t panic, it’s quick and simple to ‘lock’ the card until you find it again:

    1. Log in at
    2. Select ‘nimbl card’ from besides your child’s profile.
    3. Select ‘Lock Card’.
    4. Confirm the ‘lock’ by clicking ‘Yes’ and you’re all done.
    5. To unlock, then select ‘Unlock Card’ at Step 3.
  • How do I transfer money between accounts?

    It’s quick and simple to transfer money between accounts:

    1. Log in at
    2. Select ‘Quick Transfer’.
    3. Use ‘From where…’ to choose which account you want to transfer the money from.
    4. Use ‘To where…’ to choose which account you want to transfer the money to.
    5. Enter the amount that you want to transfer in ‘How much’.
    6. Click ‘Transfer Money’ to complete the transfer.
  • How do I use Spending Controls?

    You now have the option of guiding where your children use their nimbl card:

      1. In Store (always enabled)
      2. Online
      3. Cash Machines

    and also how much they spend with optional daily limits for cash machines and optional daily, weekly and/or monthly limits for purchases.

    1. Log in at
    2. Click on your child’s nimbl card.
    3. Select ‘Configure Spending’ within the Spending Controls section.
    4. Choose what spending limit(s) you’d like in place, and enter the amount(s) for each selected spending limit.
    5. ‘Save Changes’ to complete the set up.
  • How can I use Gifting?

    Gifting allows family and friends to electronically give money to your children

    1. Both parents and children can use Gifting
    2. Parents can locate Gifting by clicking on their child’s profile page
    3. Children can locate Gifting by clicking on their card page
    4. By selecting ‘Share Gift Link’ parents or children can send an email to their friend or family member with a personalised message
    5. The friend or family member will receive an email with a link to a Gift page to send money and can add their own personalised message
    6. Both the parents and children will be informed when money is added through Gifting
    7. The days of lost birthday money are over… with the use of gifting!
  • How do I use micro-savings?

    micro-savings can only be turned on and off by children

    1. Children can locate micro-savings under nimbl savings
    2. Children can choose the amount to micro-save every time they use their nimbl card and change it at any time
    3. There are no negative balances – so if there isn’t enough money on the nimbl card to transfer the micro-savings amount, the payment will be made and the micro-savings transfer will be skipped
    4. Children can see how much they micro-save each month on their dashboard
    5. Parents can also view how much their children have micro-saved on their parent dashboard
    6. Children can turn micro-savings on or off at any point
  • How do I add a child to an existing account?

    To add a child to an existing account:

    • Log in at using a web browser
    • Click on the menu at the top right of the screen
    • Click on the + button and complete the details on screen
    • Confirm by clicking the ‘Add Child’ button

    You are able to add a maximum of 4 children per account.

  • How do I update my home address?

    If you have recently moved house or changed your address you will need to let us know.

    In order to change the address you have registered on nimbl, you will need to provide a scanned copy or picture of a recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement (dated within the last 3 months) showing the new address.

    We will then be able to update this for you.

  • How do I cancel my nimbl account?

    If you would like to cancel your nimbl account, please contact us via email at or call us on 02476 994 000.