Your nimbl cards are contactless – Yippee

It’s true, contactless payments are on the rise!

Figures from February 2016 revealed that 63 contactless transactions were recorded per SECOND… totalling £7.75 billion worth of payments throughout the year! (Wow)

Clearly contactless isn’t a fad, but something that is sticking around – the great news is, your nimbl cards are contactless, so when choosing to spend wisely you can join in on this ‘tap and go’ craze.

To keep your money safe there are a few things to remember when using contactless.

Currently payments are capped at a £30 spending limit in the UK, with the emphasis on convenience rather than using the service for larger payments.  

Also, for the first time that you use your nimbl card, the contactless is disabled – and for security reasons you will need to make one transaction using your PIN number before contactless is enabled on your card (this is our way of making sure you have received your card).

Then hey presto, your nimbl card is ready to go and enter the world of contactless payments! 

Occasionally, you may be asked to enter your PIN number as a security measure to verify that you (the registered card holder) are still in possession of your card.

How can I start using my contactless nimbl card?

Use your new nimbl contactless card with your PIN at least once for a payment (our way of making sure the right person has the card) then follow the steps below to start making contactless payments.

1. Look for the contactless symbol when paying for items up to the value of £30

2. Touch the reader with your contactless card

3. A successful payment is confirmed when you see the green light and hear the beep

4. The reader will confirm that your payment is approved.  

It’s that simple!

There are numerous shops, restaurants and cafes which already accept contactless payments and the list is growing. Just remember to look out for the contactless symbol when making a payment using your nimbl card.

So have fun and spend wisely when using contactless! 

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