What’s it like being a nimbl user?

This week we’ve had a nimbl user working with us to see what’s ‘under the hood’ or behind the app shall we say at nimbl HQ!

It was great to have Milly in the office, plus we managed to get her low-down on what it’s like being a nimbl user.

Here’s her mini interview…

How long have you been a nimbl user?

I’ve been using nimbl for 4 years now (wow)!

What have you enjoyed most about using nimbl?

Independence!! It’s great to have more control over my money because now I can carry the card on me at all times, rather than having to leave my money in my mum’s bag.

What features do you use?

I use nimbl on a daily basis, mainly to check my balance on the app and put money in my savings.

Do you prefer using nimbl compared to having cash?

I think nimbl has made saving money easier and it’s great for a child’s money to be all digital so it doesn’t get lost which could easily happen with under 12’s.

What feature would you like to see added to nimbl?

I would like to see nimbl compatible with ApplePay, which would be good for users with iPhones. Also, I think custom cards would be great for younger users!

Thanks so much for the feedback Milly – watch this space!


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