Let’s play a game of Cash (trick) or Card (treat)!

Ever wondered what the benefits are of using card vs. cash? My thoughts are…



With cash, you can only spend the amount that you have on you… bit tricky in emergencies!
Most shops accept cards now, so for speed and ease its simpler to swipe or tap for a quick purchase
Cash can easily be accidentally lost when you go trick or treating (especially when it’s dark and spooky outside) . If your nimbl card got lost or stolen, you can get it blocked immediately, so all of your hard earned pocket money stays safe!
Juggling cash when you are out and about can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to sort out change. With card, you don’t have to count your cash in front of everyone, especially when buying your essential Halloween items.
Ever heard your change jangling about in your pocket? Very annoying. On your smartphone you can check your card balance quickly and easily, without having to find a cashpoint machine or counting it out on the street.
With cash, your costume choices will be limited because most of the best costumes and deals are found online (but don’t forget to use trustworthy websites). If trick or treating, make sure you have a spending limit on your costume, because between all the accessories, make-up and face paint it is really easy to overspend

Overall, I think card wins! Lets keep Halloween spooky and not your money account!

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