Summer jobs

Summer jobs to make the most of summer

School’s out for the summer and the holidays are here – for some at least! Whilst sunshine and free time can be a perfect storm for summer spending, it also presents a great opportunity to earn some extra money for the financially savvy. This summer there are still plenty of socially distanced summer jobs available for children and young adults of all ages. If you don’t know where to start, we wanted to share a couple shortcuts to help rake in those summer earnings:


For the children who love wiling away the hours outdoors, offering a helping hand around your garden – or those of your neighbours and friends – might just be the perfect summer job. If they’re looking to expand their clientele, online platform Nextdoor is a great way of connecting with those in the local community and spreading the word

Running errands

With the current Covid-19 backdrop, running errands for neighbours offers a really positive – not to mention proactive – way to spend the summer. If your child is looking to keep busy over the holidays, TaskRabbit is a particularly good online platform for getting the odd job

Dog walking

If you’re an animal lover looking to make some extra cash, Rover is a great place to start. To meet some four-legged clients, you can create a profile via their website here


There are a number of useful resources for teenagers looking to take off their babysitting careers on the web; get them swotting up on their babysitting knowledge through special courses like this one on Reed or take a look at Red Cross’ free guide to first aid, packed with tips for young adults

Cake and bake

Baking is a great, inventive way to get kids earning cash and enjoying it. If they’re stuck for inspiration, check out these top 10 bake sale ideas to fire up their imaginations

Car boot sale

Why not sell your old toys or clothes at a car boot sale? They are a great way of swapping pre-loved items for cash; you can consult this useful calendar to find out more about upcoming sales in your county

There’s something out there for anyone who’s keen to earn an extra buck. One parent even shared with us how their child had set up a carwash with her friends in their driveway, so why not get your little one to pick up a sponge and see if they’re up to the task!

What have you children done to raise money over the summer? Please get in touch to share your story as we’d love to hear from you, and be sure to check back in a couple of days to see our top tips for saving during the summer.

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