Six ways to becoming successful – through saving…

It’s time to think outside the box!

Are you tired of pestering mum and dad for spare change or their debit card to spend online? We think it’s time that you took back that power to become savvy, independent financial individuals. And to help you accomplish this goal, here at nimbl we’ve pulled together 6 steps to guide you on your way to becoming a saving specialist!

1 – Achievement

Are your parent’s always nagging at you to do the dishes or tidy your bedroom? It’s not uncommon – So why not make this work for both of you; by turning yourself into an entrepreneur and work out a successful payment plan (let’s say £3 per task) plus some hard work on your part – and you could be on your way to not only earning some money but also having your first taster at being a successful businessperson.

2 – Have a goal

Has someone at school just got a new bike or PlayStation that you want so badly, but right now you simply don’t have the money? We’ve all been there, but the reality is it can be yours – by setting yourself a financial target and timescale (and sticking to it), that dream item will be yours in no time at all.

3 – Practice makes perfect

Whether you are top of the class or finding it difficult in maths lessons, working out your finances can help you practice your maths skills until you’re friends are referring to you as Albert (yes that’s Einstein).

4 – Savings Tools

There are many ways of making savings easier, with nimbl you can use ‘micro-savings’ the fantastic way of saving money every time you spend. You choose the amount that you want to micro-save and it’s controlled completely by you! It’s the great way to watch your savings grow.. what’s stopping you!

5 – Empowerment!

Just think of the feeling you will have checking your account and watching your money build up, you will gain that feeling of independence – don’t believe us? Then try it for yourself and start saving now!

6 – Set your aspirations high

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg realised his potential when he was sat thinking up the idea of Facebook in his University bedroom? But with hard work and excellent money management, he now runs a network with over 1 billion users and his net worth is over 54 billion dollars! So, don’t let anyone ever stifle your ideas… and dream big!

And remember saving doesn’t always mean no spending, it just means you’re not being impulsive, but waiting until the time is right!

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