Should we give into Black Friday temptation?

The 23 November 2018 is the annual Black Friday sale.

In a nutshell, most stores have massive discounts on their products and the UK goes crazy.

If you have been recently saving your nimbl pennies, you might be looking forward to the discounts that Black Friday brings.

Now is the time to check how much money you have and start looking for things you like. A good tip I find is to make sure you take note of things that you want to buy, that way you can see if they get reduced on the day, and then you will know whether you are getting a good deal or not on clothes, shoes and things like that. 

Most importantly, make sure you check in on your nimbl micro savings for this month, to see how much you’ve saved, because I can guarantee; you don’t want to miss out on any big purchases that you have shortlisted!

If you have read some of my other blogs, you should know how nimbl micro savings work, and the advantages of the saving feature on your nimbl card.

The next step is deciding whether or not it is affordable for you, and if not, how much you need to save in your short time-frame (get volunteering for those additional home chores to earn more pocket money!).

If you are only £10 short on one of your items before the sale, chances are (and hopefully fingers crossed), it will be reduced on Black Friday, but I would recommend saving for the full amount so you can replenish your savings with any money you do not spend.

The final thing to do is transfer your saved money from your savings to your actual nimbl card the night before. No Ben & Jerry’s or other treats, stay focussed.

Personally I won’t be buying anything on this occasion, due to just celebrating my birthday this month, and fortunately I got everything I requested (believe me that doesn’t usually happen). 

I’m sure I’ll have a new and fresh list by Christmas – watch this space! 

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