Saving for your Summer Holidays

How should you save so you can enjoy Summer?

Easter is over, exams have started or are just around the corner and you cannot wait for summer to start. But how are you going to afford all the things you want to do? Mum and Dad won’t pay for all of it…will they?

Have no fear, we’ve got some top tips on how you can use the next few weeks wisely so that you’re saving some of your pocket money for the summer instead of spending it all as fast as you get it.

Save with a Weekend Job

Depending on how old you are you may have a weekend job or be able to get one which means you have some additional money other than the pocket money you might (yes might – some may not be fortunate enough to get pocket money) be getting from your parents.

The temptation when you have a weekend job as a young person is to spend your money straight away as soon as you’re paid. However, if you want to have some money for the summer why not save a small portion of your pay every week/month? Before you know it you could have a tidy sum to use for summer adventures!

Budget your pocket money

If you receive pocket money, why not set yourself a budget so that you know what you’ll be spending before you spend it and how much you’re able to save. If you’re not sure how to make a budget why not have a go on BBC Bitesize?

Plus, if you’re a nimbl user, you can set up micro savings to automatically come out every time you spend too which make things easier for you.

Use your discounts

Be smart with how you spend if you’re going to and you’ll be sure to save. If you’re 16 or over you know all about the NUS cards that are available to students, however, if you’re a little younger you might not have access to this yet so miss out on some savings.

Not to fear however there are more than a few sites that you could use to get a deal on an item or two like offcutsshoes or schuh’s imperfects which sell reduced shoes that have minor wear and tear. There’s also tried and tested deal sites like Hot UK deals which are always good to check out before spending.

Sell your old clothes

No, we don’t mean any old rag you have lying around or nabbing your parent’s old clothes. We’re talking about the pieces of clothing in your closet you know you don’t wear anymore but that is still in a good condition. Places like etsy and ebay are great for selling these. When you sell them, you can take the profits and put them toward your summer savings!

Saving doesn’t have to be a massive chore and can be as fun as you want it to be. Hopefully, these saving tips help you with having an amazing summer full of adventures!

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