You might be used to spending without thinking, but in the “real world”, that I am always told about, there are more things you need to be aware of…

I have been doing my own routing around, and realised the world is full of additional costs designed to catch you out, like when you buy a mobile phone for example, they show you the handset price but not the phone bill and what about if you want additional extras, they all seem to be ‘hidden costs’ rather than showing us upfront prices. And it doesn’t stop there…

When we get older and get a job, you get paid a salary or wages.

Did you know, from your overall salary amount, there will then be deductions? One in particular called income tax. The more your wages go up, so does the income tax that you pay.

For example, if you earn up to £11,500 you pay 0% tax, between £11,501 and £45,000 you pay 20% tax, over £45,001 you pay 40% tax. So when working out your monthly budget, you need to take into consideration the different deductions that will be coming out of your salary before you start spending. 

Another example, is when you buy or rent a property you need to pay a monthly amount (because its practically a loan). On top of this you have to pay bills such as electricity, gas, water, the list seems to go on and on…

What has this got to do with nimbl you ask..? Everything.

Since using nimbl, it has made me more aware of how I spend my beloved pocket money on my nimbl card and how important it is to save, which is why I love nimbl’s micro-saving feature, so with every purchase it transfers a certain amount into my savings account.

Everything featured on my blog above has got me thinking that we should be taught life skills as a lesson in secondary schools in particular.

I have a petition that I need to get signatures for requesting life skills and budgeting lessons to be added to the national curriculum, so when young people like myself leave school, we know the importance of budgeting and managing our money properly.

CLICK HERE and share on your social media accounts, because the more signatures I get, the quicker I can get my application to parliament, particularly The Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP who I am directing it to.

P.S I am still monitoring my American Dollar (Real Life Money Glitch) challenge, so hopefully results from that will be known later in the year! 

nimbl creates a safe and secure environment for children like myself to learn, to make mistakes – and gain independence.

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