What is National Poetry Day?

National Poetry Day is an annual celebration that inspires people throughout the UK to enjoy, discover and share poems.

Founded in 1994 by the charity Forward Arts Foundation, their mission is to celebrate excellence in poetry and increase its audience. 

In support of National Poetry Day, we asked our young nimbl users to send across some of their poems, here’s a selection below!



Life, it changes so quickly. 

One minute we’re smiling then next minute we’re crying.

One minute we’re winning then next minute we’re losing.

It turns so quickly and that is why life is a subtle puzzle.

Strong wind or gentle breeze.

Burning rays of fierce sunlight or cool dazzling moonlight.

Hard rain or little drizzles.

They add so much into our life.

They come and go.

We arrived and one day will departure from this world.

At this very moment our blood and d&a is alive. Another you in another world in another universe. 

Who you are is special.

 What lies ahead is still a mystery. 

When life pushes you over just push it back harder. 

Why things happen depend on your choices, so

Where there are decisions make the one you won’t regret.


By Sophie Lucketti, 10 years old


My entire life I lived in that place

And I thought it’d stay that way

Until my parents broke the news

My entire life changed that day


That house meant so much to me

I’ve never wanted any different

Anytime I was asked to pack boxes


I was so resistant

I’d spend my birthdays

in that house every year

It’d not be the same 

None of my friends live near


And now that I live here

I admit it isn’t t that bad

It really wasn’t worth it

To spend all that time, so sad


By Tomie De Filippo Santos, 12 years old


The Mask

Sometimes I could be fighting the biggest battles and you wouldn’t even know

A mask too thick to penetrate couldn’t simply shatter in a single blow.

Unshed tears gather in my eyes, threatening to fall and break my disguise

What you called the truth were merely petty lies

Lies that l believed.

When did l become so naive?

At what point in life was l so easy to deceive?

You did this to me at least I know that’s true

I said I would last forever, I stuck like glue

What a big mistake.

You have no idea what I’ve been through

 Not that I’m ready to tell you

You see, this mask I have on simply won’t let me

And I’m grateful.


By Esther A Taiwo, 13 years old


From The Enchantress Princess (Chapter 11- Playing Foul To Win)  

”Catherine, Catherine, Catherine Rose my sweet baby princess

The round golden garland will soon be yours

Be patient my sweet baby princess, be wise and be cautious

The trio squad of men who crave your crown and land will fall.. fall… fall.. deep and deep into the depths of the underworld… 

Hades will tear and torture them  for the infidelities and the death wishes on you. 


Remember be patient my sweet baby princess, be wise and be cautious

I’m always by your side and have been since I departed from this malicious realm,

I’m not physically here with you but I am here spiritually. 

You may not know who I am now but yet you do know me. 

Roses and roses will surround you at the Throne of Lights. 

Be patient my sweet baby princess…be wise… be cautious…”


By Yenka Leticia Lima



The Delusional Mind

Back at the day in 1914, the war h’just begun;

Women have every single right

I will become a soldier of all might

As I crept through the wretched, ghastly smell

Of the frightening, yet stimulating trenches.


The magnificent sunset started the day,

Adrenaline was running though our blood,

As we reached out for our first gun –

This was the beginning and we hoped for the end.


I tell my son, I tell him no

He shall never depart,

To those bleak, stark trenches

Remembered deep in my heart.


Startled thoughts struck me, as he left before my eyes

My distraught, delusional mind

Dreaded the fear of 1939

His letter h’just arrived, but then I was told

The terrible news, as my blood ran cold.


By Sophia Wilson, aged 13

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