Top Five Marvellous Money Life Hacks!

Money. To some people money is very important and saving money, keeping it safe, managing it and more can be a little hard to do!

So these are my Top Five Money Life Hacks so that you can have fun with your money!
#1: Remember your Card PIN number

If you’re not that great at remembering PIN numbers there is no need too worry! At ATM machines you can change your PIN number to a number you know you will remember! It’s important to not choose something obvious, like the year you were born.. So think wisely before you choose! 

#2: Keep your money in the least unexpected place

If you’re going out with money and don’t want your money to get stolen or lost, keep your money somewhere that is least unexpected. For example; you could keep your money in your phone case. Just slide your money into the back of your phone case and there! Your money should be well hidden and hard to steal, (unless it’s a completely clear phone case, of course!)

#3: Go to Theme Parks for free!

Some Chocolate Bars or Cereal Boxes have free coupons on them. You can register online with a parent and get a free ticket! They can be for many exciting things like Zoo’s and Theme Parks! This can save a lot of money and you can use that money for an exciting treat AND go to a fun, theme park! 😉

#4: Collect Loose Change and End Up With Pounds!

All you have to do is collect some loose change such as 1, 2 and 5 pence! You can find them on the floor, in between the sofa, under beds etc. Collect them for a few weeks/months, maybe even YEARS and then you can go to a coin exchange box which should be in most supermarkets and it can turn the loose change into pounds! So now you have extra money for a treat or money to donate to charity! How cool is that? 🙂

#5: Lastly, eat more healthily!

That may sound weird to you because well, what does food have to do with money? If you eat less sweets, crisps or chocolate and drink less fizzy drinks, you could save lots of pocket money! And you could also save for a brand new bike or some snazzy shoes! As well as saving money, you’re cutting down on sugar! Clever, huh?

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Money Life Hacks article for Global Money Week! Now you can keep safe and have fun with your money!

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