Money, money, money

Ok enough of the song, let’s be real. Apparently, us kids today don’t have a clue about money, we spend way too much and because of the internet and the ease of buying things online including apps, makes it harder to budget.

Clearly not with my mum! I like to budget mainly because I am always saving for something; Pokémon Cards, Lego constructions (so I still love Lego, don’t judge me!), food treats and most recently my biggest purchase to date, my iPad Pro which seemed to take me a lifetime to save for.

My mum is always compiling some kind of excel sheet to budget on, so I have been lucky to have the mind-set of budgeting and saving when I can. I look forward to Christmas and birthdays especially, because that’s when I receive the most money, giving me time to put some aside to save as well as spend of course but with a budget, although my mum would say I’ve already spend most of it in my head before I receive it – surely that’s not a bad thing!

I love my new contactless pre-paid debit card because I can check my account online

check how much savings I have, spend when I need to and most importantly, not have to carry too much cash on the street because I can tap/swipe my card if and when I need it.

My mum likes to keep track of my spending too because she gets text alerts if I have used the card, but can also add money to my account in emergencies. I’m 12, so I am in the prime of doing chores!

This isn’t so bad when each chore is worth money, so as long as I show that I have done my chores, it gets a great big tick on my account which then pays money to me (it does actually keep me motivated to complete my chores every week). I prefer having a card because I can keep track of everything that I have spent or need to save which I couldn’t do as easily before (well I could on grubby handwritten bits of paper) which will help me when I’m a grown up.

So in the words of the poem, Jack be nimbl (see what I did there!), Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick :o)

Author: Rîon-Jensen

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