How to Stay Safe at a Cash Machine

While everything is starting to go cashless there is the need to go to the cash machine every now and then. Keeping your card and card details safe at a cash machine is something we want all our nimbl users to know how to do. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together some helpful advice to make sure you and your children are always safe when taking out your money.

Be aware of who’s around the cash point before using it

If you are using a cash machine on the street take a look at the people who are in the near vicinity of the machine. Do they seem suspicious or appear to be keeping an eye on the machine? If so, consider using another machine elsewhere or get cash back from your supermarket.

Don’t get distracted at the cash machine

Keeping your eyes on your card and cash might seem like something obvious to state but cash machines are usually in areas with lots of people so it can be easy to be distracted. If you’re a parent teaching your child, ensure they know to concentrate on the task of getting the money out until you have the card and cash safely in your wallet.

Cover your PIN

Always cover your PIN no matter where you’re inputting it and who you’re doing it around. Ensuring your PIN is safe means that your account is less likely to be accessed by those who shouldn’t be accessing it. So be sensible and keep your hand over the keypad when you enter your PIN.

Don’t Panic if your card goes missing

If the worst-case scenario happens and your card goes missing, don’t panic. It’s quick and simple to ‘lock’ your nimbl card until you find it again. If you don’t know how to do that you can easily contact our help team to do so and to help you through getting you a new card should you need one.

You can reach them via phone (02476 994 000), email, Twitter or Facebook.

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