Only the weather should be hot and not your card spending!

By featured nimbl blogger – Rîon-Jensen

You may have noticed that it’s finally getting warmer across the country, and correct me if I’m wrong, but most of us want to get out of the house to enjoy the temporary sunshine (it is British weather after all!).

With this in mind, you need to know that the prices are going up on summer items, and you don’t want the heat to melt your money.

When going out to buy footballs, hats and all the other summer things you like (not necessarily need I might add), take note of the prices. If you want to add a stylish kick to your wardrobe and like the sunglasses look for example, don’t spend too extravagantly. You can get cool but cheap sunglasses from high-street shops, online and in most big supermarkets. These places should give you decent glasses for under £15 and if you’re lucky, you might find some with big brands, however they might be off season.

During hotter months, places that sell refreshments will also bump up the price of juices and water too! Side note: – it is best to buy water, but if you do have a sweet tooth I would recommend getting flavoured water! These items are all within easy reach of tapping your nimbl card and are only just a few examples.  

It is SO important to not get tricked into buying over priced goods (I like to buy things for summer in winter and vice versa, simply to beat the price hikes per season).

The good news is, most of the time there are high-street sales up and running, but if you can’t find anything suitable on your high street or local shops, then try shopping online (particularly convenient when using your trusty nimbl card).

Shopping on websites from your favourite stores tend to have a wider range of items and sometimes sell at warehouse prices (in other words cheaper). Or if you prefer second hand items or equipment, there are a variety of websites offering low prices, in a safe and secure environment. (My auntie Keshia is an expert at getting bargains online.)

And finally, remember that it is more rewarding to have some money left on your card, so don’t spend it all, it’s also important to save.

That should set you up for hotter months to come, and won’t give your wallet an echo!

Rîon-Jensen Brown

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