There’s nearly nothing kids can’t buy on the web these days – be it clothes, gaming products or any other must-buy item they’ve got their eye on. But there’s nothing quite like the fun of browsing the shop shelves. After all, it’s not just about the items you buy; shopping with friends is a great social activity for older children, and after the last couple of lockdowns, a trip to town may be a welcome chance for them to reconnect with some friendly faces.

Now that shop doors have reopened, the nimbl mobile app’s handy features are perfect for helping to keep your children safe and shopping responsibly as they head back to the high street – allowing them to regain their independence, and, most importantly, giving you peace of mind.

Spending limits

Whilst most kids are generally pretty responsible, sometimes they may need a little extra support to help keep their spending to sensible levels. We’ve all got our vices when it comes to shopping (parents included), which is why our spending controls, which give parents the option of setting a daily spending limit, can prove handy in keeping them on track – especially for that long-awaited first trip back to the shopping centre!

Instant top-ups

Using the mobile app, it’s easy to supplement your kids’ weekly pocket money allowance and send them a one-off financial treat for a shopping spree. With just a few taps, you can instantly upload an amount of your choosing to their nimbl card, which they can then use almost immediately in store. And, if they’re a pound or two short for the new pair of shoes they’ve been saving up for, the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ can quickly leap into action and top up the remaining balance in a matter of seconds!

Soft lock

Life’s full of unexpected mishaps, and we’ll bet most of us can remember misplacing a card at some point in our lives. If this happens when your child is out and about, the soft lock feature – which is easy to turn on via the app – has got you covered, restricting access to the card without having to officially cancel it. This is particularly handy in that familiar scenario when, after a brief panic, it turns out the card wasn’t really lost at all, just buried in the bottom of their backpack….

Digital payments

Keeping your children safe whilst out and about is especially important after the strange events of the last year, and the nimbl card has been designed with safe spending in mind. With contactless features built in, and the ability to turn off cash withdrawals, children can enjoy some well-deserved fun with their friends all within a secure environment.

We hope this was a useful refresher of nimbl’s many safe-spending features. If you have any more questions about how nimbl works, and how as parents you can make the most of the app, then send a meesage on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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