With term time creeping up on our summer holidays, there’s a need to starting getting September ready so you don’t have that mad rush of getting all that you need done and you’re not hit as hard by the back to school blues.

But what should be on your checklist? To help we’ve put together our own checklist of what we think should be on one but it might be a little different for everyone.

Get back into the morning routine

Rather than being shocked waking up on the first day back, feeling tired and exhausted, we recommend getting ready for the early wake ups that come with September as soon as you can. If you do then at 7 am instead of hitting the snooze button for the 10th time and ending up late for school you can be up, ready to face the day and the rest of the school year.


This can tie into the first point on your checklist. The “most important meal of the day” is meant to prime your energy levels and keep you focused until your next meal, so if your breakfast over the summer has consisted of leftover pizza it might be time to switch back to a more balanced breakfast so you’re ready to face those lengthy lessons.

Summer Homework

Some of you might have been given that dreaded homework to do over the summer and left it to the very last minute to do. If you have, make sure it’s on your list of things to do before you go back to school so it does actually get done.

School supplies

We’ve all been there, got to school, looked in our bags and realised…we don’t have a pen, pencil or even a ruler to our name. Ensuring you have everything you need before the term starts is always a good idea, especially if any of it is potentially expensive like lesson specific books or art supplies. If you go back to school shopping early enough you can find bargains to help your parents save money that they might not get last minute shopping.

Plan the commute

Whether you’re at a new school or returning to your old school, you should always double check your route to school. Are you being driven, getting a bus/train, cycling, walking? How long will it take you? Is there another way there? When do you need to get there?

Unexpected roadworks, or changes to your journey, could influence your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and cause chaos for you. So, it’s better to be safe, not sorry so you aren’t the late one for registration on the first day back – not the way to start the year that’s for sure.


Speaking of how to start the year, getting a trim so your hair looks fresh for the new term is probably one of the best things you can do to get September ready. Changing your look has a transformative way on the way we look at ourselves and how others look at you. Of course, you should do this within the bounds of the school rules, so nothing too wild!

Summer highlight

Our last piece of advice for your checklist is having one story, one summer highlight that you can look back on and say this happened the summer of 2018. Not only will it be something to talk to your friends about, but it will be something for you to look back on in years to come. If you haven’t made that highlight yet, there’s still time before September to do it.

Your list may have a few more things on it or a few less but whatever the case, check some of these items off and start getting September ready. You’ll thank us later.

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