CK’s Top Tips on how to spend your money wisely

Money… The thing that brings pain for happiness. It’s great for holidays, outings, buying excessive amounts of food and many more thrilling things, but do we really handle our money properly? is it a must to fly with an outstanding airline that offers you cashews in a fancy bag? Do we need to spend over £200 on a trip to an extravagant restaurant instead of buying 1/2 chicken at Nandos?

I say no more exorbitant spending, there’s always a solution. Now I know most of you love to wear expensive attire or just enjoy a good night out but there is always a way to enjoy and limit your spending.

Welcome to Ck’s Top Tips on how to spend your money wisely.

Step number 1- Plan expensive purchases ahead 

Many trendy clothes are being released this year and I know those boyfriend jeans are just a must have, but why spend £40 now when you can wait for a sale that’s just around the corner. There have been many occasions where I am desperate to buy a new outfit and buy it only to find that it’s been reduced by 20% the following week!! If only I had searched google to see when the next major sale is on *sigh*.

Don’t be like me, try your best to find sales and I can guarantee that you will find what you’re looking for, for a cheaper price. Don’t only use this technique for clothes use it for other expensive items also! 

Step number 2- If you don’t need it… DONT BUY IT!

There have been numerous amounts of times where I have bought something that I DO NOT NEED! Objects vary from Rubix cubes to knitting needles. I always think I’m going to use it but I never do. I have now learnt my lesson and always think twice before I buy something that may not be useful in the near future and you should too. 

Step number 3- Give yourself a daily limit (choose nimbl to help)

There’s always going to be a day where you are tempted to spend more money than usual, but don’t let that temptation stop your routine. Put a limit on your card so you can only spend a certain amount each day or week. This will help you spend your money wisely. I suggest you limit yourself to about 10 or 20 pounds a week depending on how old you are.

Putting a limit will help you realise that you don’t really need the things you are usually buying. It can also be handy in the near future as if you are going out and want to spend a bit more money than usual then the money you have left each week can be put together and used for something  special. Don’t spend it all to yourself!

I hope you enjoyed Ck’s Daily Tips and make sure you take them into consideration. 

Keep spending (but not too much) 
Author: Ck Smith

Age: 15 

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