How well do you know your card… or do you even know it?

It’s an exciting time when you have your first debit card – yes, your very own card just like your parent’s. But having your first card brings responsibility too, and like many things, the first time you use your card can seem scary – but it shouldn’t be…

We want to make your first experience with your card as enjoyable as possible, so here’s everything you’ll need to know…

So much information… but what does it all mean?
Lets start at the front…


The golden or silver chip that appears on the front of your card is the brain of your card. This allows your card to encrypt information and it’s important not to damage this part, as it might not work when withdrawing money or whilst out shopping!   

The ‘Cardholder name’ refers to the name of the person that the card belongs to. You should always check that your name is written and spelt correctly.



The ‘Expiry date’ highlights the date when your card will expire and receiving a new card before the expiry date is important as your old one will stop working.

The ‘Contactless’ sign means you can simply tap your card to pay where you see the contactless sign for amounts under £30 without entering your PIN – Quick and easy!

Now flip your card over and lets check out the back:


The ‘CVV’ number refers to the last 3 digits that appear near your signature strip at the back of your card. It’s usually needed when buying things online.  

The ‘Signature strip’ appears at the back of your card, and you as the cardholder must sign this space using a pen. (We suggest a ballpoint so your signature doesn’t smudge! 🙂 )

Have fun and remember to ask nimbl if you get stuck… we’re always here to help! 

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