In last week’s blog, we touched on setting up your parent account.

Today, it’s card activation time! 

We’re sure as soon as your child receives their nimbl card, they will be excited to give it a test drive…. and who can blame them!

As a parent, you can log into nimbl and activate your child’s card, ready for it to be used.

Step 1

Log into your nimbl account and click on the ‘Activate Card’ button by your child’s name

Step 2

We will then ask you some details to set up your child’s account. These will consist of:

  • Last 4 digits on the back of your child’s nimbl card
  • Your child’s date of birth
  • The gender of your child

Step 3

During activation, you have the option of setting up spending controls and pocket money for your children.

We like to start off with the basics, so first we will ask you about cash machine limits. (Further spending controls can then be set up after activation.)

Step 4

Last but certainly not least is where you will set up the login details for your child. This will require an email address and password!

Step 5

After clicking on the ‘activate’ button this will reveal the PIN number for your child’s nimbl card. Get ready to remember the 4 digit number.

If forgotten, you can always log into nimbl and get a PIN reminder 

After that your child’s account is set up and they are ready to do.. spending, saving or conquering the world 

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