nimbl card vs cash

Written by nimbl blogger – Rion-Jensen Brown, age 14

If you were even for a second doubting the advantages of owning a nimbl card over using cash, I have a real life encounter that will end all arguments:

I recently lost my wallet, including my nimbl card and some additional cash. I felt like my whole financial life was about to end – dramatic I know, but that’s how it felt.

However, my mum says I should always try and find a positive in every negative situation, and to my surprise I found one.

The day started as it normally does, the multiple snoozes on the alarm clock, the last minute dash to get ready:

  • Clothes on – check
  • Sports bag – check
  • Wallet & keys – check, check

This particular day, I was on an a trip where we were spending the day trekking. As we stopped for lunch I reached into my jacket pocket, where I normally keep my wallet, but it was gone. In my panic, I couldn’t even remember the exact amount of change I had, but my £10 note and nimbl card were gone. My card had a lot more money on it too, which is when I started to panic even more.

So where is the positive in this story you ask?

Well, firstly nimbl is specifically designed for children, so there are additional added features to give extra protection and security to every child account. One of the great perks is the instant lock. One swift call to my mum and she was able to lock the card instantly all through the nimbl app, this means it can’t be used anywhere or by anyone so all my money was completely safe!

Then, using the online chat on the nimbl website, we contacted the nimbl team who blocked the card and posted out a new one. Overall money lost on the card – ZERO! Compare this to the £10 cash and additional change, which I’m not going to see again, I know for sure the winner in this scenario.

Moving forward, I will now only carry my card and no paper money (maybe a tiny bit of coin change for sweets of course) because nimbl is pretty much accepted everywhere, and I feel more comfortable using my card than cash, especially as it is more protected.

Had I only carried my card that day I would not have lost a single penny.

nimbl Card vs. Cash? The proof is in the pudding as they say!

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