The Contactless card for 6-18s

Safe spending at their finger tips – “Tap and Go” with ease

nimbl’s award winning app and prepaid debit card gives parents the tools to help children budget, save and spend wisely.

We’re the cheapest UK pocket money card, with no hidden top up, loading or gifting fees – voted one of the top cards for Under 18s by

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What can families do with nimbl?

Instant Top Up

You can transfer money to your children instantly, whether they are out shopping or on the other side of the world.

Digital Pocket Money

Set up and automate weekly or monthly pocket money – saving both time and hassle.

Online Statements

See where and when your children are using their nimbl cards, all through the nimbl app.

Spending Alerts

Be instantly notified every time your children use their nimbl cards, with the amount spent, and where.

Spending Controls

With our unique spending controls, you can decide where and when your children’s nimbl cards can be used, with limits on cash machines, online and in-store spending.


With our handy micro-savings feature, your children can automatically save between 5p and £5 every time their nimbl card is used.

Find out more about micro-savings here.


With gifting, family and friends can transfer money to the nimbl cards, helping your children form good money habits.

Contactless Payments

Contactless comes as standard on our nimbl cards, helping children ‘tap and go’ with confidence.

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