Send Christmas money digitally with Gifting

This Christmas might be a bit different for everyone, but with nimbl’s Gifting friends and family can still be connected, even from a far.

Gifting is simple and easy to use and allows money to be sent digitally straight to your child’s nimbl savings.

Here’s how to use Gifting

  1. Both parents and children can use Gifting
  2. Parents can locate Gifting by clicking on their child’s profile page
  3. Children can locate Gifting by clicking on their card page
  4. By selecting ‘Share Gift Link’ parents or children can send an email to their friend or family member with a personalised message
  5. The friend or family member will receive an email with a link to a Gift page to send money and can add their own personalised message
  6. Both the parents and children will be informed when money is added through Gifting

Our range of fantastic features

Instant Top Up

You can transfer money to your children instantly, whether they are out shopping or on the other side of the world.

Digital Pocket Money

Set up and automate weekly or monthly pocket money – saving both time and hassle.

Online Statements

See where and when your children are using their nimbl cards, all through the nimbl app.

Spending Alerts

Be instantly notified every time your children use their nimbl cards, with the amount spent, and where.

Spending Controls

With our unique spending controls, you can decide where and when your children’s nimbl cards can be used, with limits on cash machines, online and in-store spending.


With our handy micro-savings feature, your children can automatically save between 5p and £5 every time their nimbl card is used.

Find out more about micro-savings here.


With gifting, family and friends can transfer money to the nimbl cards, helping your children form good money habits.

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