The nimbl Pocket Money Card: Enter Our Survey to Win £50

The nimbl Pocket Money Card: Shaping the Future of Financial Education 

In today’s digital age, teaching children about financial responsibility has never been more important. The nimbl Pocket Money Card is a revolutionary tool designed to empower children with financial knowledge while offering parents a seamless way to manage their kids’ finances.  

We are taking a step further by inviting parents to participate in a survey where you can win 5 x £50, which will be allocated to your parent account. More than just a pocket money card, nimbl is dedicated to continuously improving its features to provide an unmatched financial education experience for families in the UK. 

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nimbl: The Pocket Money Card Redefined 

nimbl is more than just a pocket money card; it’s a comprehensive financial education platform that bridges the gap between children’s financial literacy and their practical financial experiences. With nimbl, children can develop essential money management skills, and parents can have peace of mind, knowing their children are learning responsible financial habits. 

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Survey to Win 5 x £50: A Generous Offer from nimbl 

To celebrate our commitment to enhancing their services, we are offering parents the chance to win 5 x £50, which will be credited to your parent account. All parents have to do is participate in a survey and share their thoughts on what they believe the next features for the nimbl card and app should be. This valuable feedback will help nimbl shape the future of its offerings to better serve the needs of UK families. 

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Why Financial Education Matters 

Financial education is an invaluable life skill that can have a profound impact on a child’s future financial well-being. By teaching children about money from an early age, we equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed financial decisions as adults. Here are some reasons why financial education is so crucial: 

  • Budgeting Skills: Financial education helps children understand the concept of budgeting. They learn how to allocate money for different purposes, such as savings, spending, and giving. 
  • Saving Habits: nimbl encourages saving by providing separate savings within the pocket money card. This teaches children the importance of setting money aside for future goals. 
  • Responsibility: Managing one’s own finances fosters a sense of responsibility. Children learn that every financial decision has consequences and must be made thoughtfully. 
  • Financial Independence: As children grow, they gain financial independence and become less reliant on their parents for money. This is a significant step towards adulthood. 
  • Critical Thinking: Financial education encourages critical thinking and problem-solving. Children learn to analyze financial situations and make informed choices. 


Terms & Conditions 

The Promotion 

nimbl is offering the chance to win £50 loaded on to your nimbl Pocket Money Card/s, Five (5) prizes are available, with the winners drawn at random from all eligible entrants. 

The Promotion Period 

The promotion will run between 1 September to 30 September 2023. 

Eligibility Criteria 

You must be a nimbl customer (sign up here)  

Subject to acceptance of your application by nimbl 

You must fill out the survey in its entirety. 

Five (5) winners will be drawn at random each month and announced in the nimbl Schools Newsletter.

The Prize 

The prize is £50 loaded onto a parent account. 

The prize is non-transferable. 

There is no cash or other alternative for the prize in whole or in part.


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