Our lockdown reflections – books, films, and games to keep your children busy during the summer

We might have been stuck in doors for the last three months, but this doesn’t mean children have been trapped in their bedrooms. Thanks to some excellent books, films and games, children up and down the country have been able to spend the last few months thoroughly exploring virtual worlds.

Now as we prepare to enter a very different summer, we wanted to share a list of some of the favourite things our children have been reading, watching and playing during lockdown, to help keep your children entertained indoors.

For those 9 and below

Don’t Worry, Little Crab – in this excellent sequel to the award-winning Shh! We have a Plan, Chris Haughton employs the story of a courageous little crab to teach kids about the power of being bold. By facing his fears and venturing out into the great wide ocean, Little Crab’s bravery might just rub off on your own little ones and spur them on to face a few challenges of their own.

Onward – nothing beats a Disney film, and their latest offering is unlikely to disappoint. There’s no need to subscribe to Disney+ to enjoy Onward, as your kids can now enjoy the tale of two elf brothers as they embark on a magical quest on both Sky and Amazon.

Horrible Histories (The Board Game) there’s nothing like a good board game to see you through lockdown, and this one’s no exception. Combining the educational with the downright silly, there’s no better way to get your kids to learn than through laughter; put your knowledge to the test as you travel through the ages and attempt to escape the barbaric Romans!

 For the early teens

Where is Moldova? – before playing this game I certainly had no idea. Where is Moldova is a brilliant board game the whole family can play, which combines strategy, luck and knowledge. Me and my family bought the game at the beginning of lockdown and are yet to look back, it’s educational, addictive and has been successful in pulling my children away from their screens.

Artemis Foul – for young fans of the sci-fi genre, this long-awaited adaptation of this popular fantasy novel series will be very welcome. Following the story of a 12-year-old millionaire criminal mastermind, this film gives a great introduction to the world of anti-heroes and, with its sophisticated and witty script, makes a great choice for the whole family.

Wonder – an international bestseller and critically acclaimed children’s book, that tells the story of a 10-year-old boy trying to get through his childhood with a physical deformity. It is a bold, funny, and engaging book that will be sure to pull on your heartstrings, and is well worth reading for both children and adults alike.

What have you been playing, watching, and reading during lockdown? We would love to know and include your suggestions in our next blog.


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